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Google And Nest Might Merge, Again

Back in 2014, Google bought Nest, the smart home goods company, for $3.2 billion. Then in 2015 they were separated when Google reorganized itself under an umbrella holding company called Alphabet as part of a corporate re-structuring. Now, rumor has it they are joining forces again, with Nest engineers set to re-join Google’s hardware team.

If true, Nest and Google would be able to collaborate on future accessories, paving the way for a powerful line of smart home accessories to rival Amazon’s Alexa devices.

As it stands now, Google and Nest services are pretty well integrated; Google Home users can currently control Nest accessories using voice commands. But the partnership would produce a deeper integration between hardware and software services, making for a smoother experience and a more versatile line of products.

[Via The Verge]

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