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Google Facing UK Class Action Suit for Ignoring Privacy Settings

In the United Kingdom, a group by the name of ‘Google You Owe Us’ is taking the tech giant to court for intentionally neglecting iPhone privacy settings between 2011-2012. Google, along with other ad-reliant services, were caught using a workaround to track a user’s personal information using cookies, even if cookies had been disabled on the user’s iPhone.

While Google claims the behavior was limited to usability enhancements for its Google+ social platform, the lawsuit alleges that the violation was more widespread and that customers’ browsing information was bundled and sold to advertisers.

Google, like many tech firms, makes the bulk of its money by offering targeted advertising services, collecting users’ personal information in order to offer more specific – and therefore more valuable – audience information to would-be advertisers.

“I believe that what Google did was simply against the law. Their actions have affected millions, and we’ll be asking the courts to remedy this major breach of trust,” said Richard Loyd, former director of the consumer publication Which? and a plaintiff in the Google class action suit.

“Through this action, we will send a strong message to Google and other tech giants in Silicon Valley that we’re not afraid to fight back if our laws are broken,” Loyd continued.

“This is not new,” said a Google spokesperson. “We have defended similar cases before. We don’t believe it has any merit and we will contest it.”

[Via The Verge]

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