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Google Home Is Going Australian and It Only Costs AUD $199

Google has traveled the world and knows every language that exists, but on Google Home’s journey home, they picked up and Australian accent.

Google Home is ready to launch in the country on Thursday, arriving not only speaking the language, but distinctly picks up on Australian slang.

Your Australian assistant picks up on the strongest of accents, responding when asked “where is the nearest Maccas” and also “play some Acca Dacca” ( that’s McDonald’s and AC/DC, for those not from Australia).

According to Raunaq Shah, Google Home Product Manager and an Australian, he said,

“We’ve done a lot to make sure Google Home feels, sounds and looks Aussie… We spent a lot of time making sure it understands Aussie accents, understands Aussie words like servo (service station), brekky (breakfast), and also put an Aussie personality in many aspects of the product.”

The Home’s personality is like one of the Aussies who will use it. For example, ask “let’s throw a shrimp on the barbie,” it’ll retort by asking if you meant a prawn on the barbie.

Or try asking if “look what I made you” or “we’re going to Bonnie Doon,” both references to, The Castle, a classic Australian film. All things that sounds like a different language to anyone but an Aussie.

Everything is not just for fun however, Google have signed up a handful of third-party partners locally, like Fox News, ABC News, The Australian, and Sky News to assist Australians in receiving and sharing news.

Google Home will cost AUD $199 (US$157) in Australia, and comes with a 6 month subscription to YouTube Red. Google Wi-Fi will also conveniently be ready to go on the same day, also costing AUD $199, or AUD $499 (US$393) for the three-pack. It’s a good time to be an Aussie. If you’ve already got a Google Home, you can change your device’s settings to “English (Australia).” Cheers.

 [via Mashable]
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