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Google Went Undercover for a Year Tracking Hackers and Found Staggering Information

The primary goal of hackers is to find a loophole easy enough to access a users content. Google, in collaboration with the University of California Berkeley, has spent the past year tracing how hackers steal passwords and expose them on the internet’s black market.

With access to Google accounts however, the hackers are granted access to not only a user’s mail services but Google Docs, Google Drive, etc. Which can lead to exposure of near anything imaginable. As one Google employee described it, “it’s the key to the kingdom.”

Even more scary is that the data researchers at Google collected over the past year was only collected from information that was available online. Therefore the actual numbers could be significantly higher.

One preventative method offered by Google associates is to use different passwords across all sites (which is rarely done by most). However to better assist with this there is the option of using a password manager or enabling dual authentication for logins. Though the process may be more lengthy, it better ensures your data is protected.


[via Mashable]

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