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Google’s 2017 Most Popular Searches Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

As part of their annual list of this year’s “most popular searches,” Google has pulled their data and recorded the most trending topics.

Number one? Hurricane Irma. Number two and three? iPhone 8 and iPhone X, respectively.

The iPhone 8’s higher search rate is natural; the iPhone X came as a surprise this year, leading most Google users to search the X at a later date. In terms of technology, the two iPhones placed higher than the Nintendo Switch, Samsung Galaxy S8, and Xbox One X.

Interested to see the top searches? You can view the top people, global news, actors, TV shows, elections, sports events, song lyrics, memes, and more here.

Google posted a video of the 2017 search trends. The company commented on the trending “How to…” list which included “How to help refuges…” and “How to help flood victims…” –

This year we searched “How” [and “How to help”] more than ever before. The questions we asked show our desire to understand, and ultimately improve the world around us.

 Watch Google’s video of the “Year in Search 2017” below:

[via 9 to 5 mac]

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