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Gordon Hayward Might Be Closer to Returning Than We Thought, According to a Picture from Celtics GM Danny Ainge

Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward took a major step in his recovery from the leg injury he suffered during his Celtics debut on the team’s opening day this season.

Celtics GM Danny Ainge uploaded a picture of the Hayward minus a brace on the injured ankle on his Twitter page, the first time fans have seen Hayward without any sort of protection on his leg since the injury.

Hayward was supposed to be out for the rest of the season but he could be inching his way back to the court. In fact, we might even have a specific return date, as Hayward’s teammate Kyrie Irving post a picture of Hayward on Instagram with a message of support followed by “3/23.”

Is it possible that people are looking too far into this? Sure, but it’s still definitely something to look out for.

[via NBC Sports]

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