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Gordon Ramsay Unveils His New ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Restaurant In Las Vegas

Everyone either hates to love Gordon Ramsay or loves to hate him. The Hell’s Kitchen Star is notorious for screaming at cooks and trying to reduce them down to their bare bones. I feel like I would laugh if he yelled at me just because of what we’ve come to expect from him. But the UK kitchen maestro will debut his new restaurant in Vegas at the end of the month, which has already booked 12,000 reservations in the 10 days since it’s announcement. Yeah.

Good food isn’t the only objective of this restaurant. It’s also modeled after the show’s set. The 300 seat restaurant just outside Caseser’s Palace has big shoes to fill. Ramsay has accumulated 16 Michelin Stars throughout his career. The cooks in the restaurant will don the same uniforms as those in the show, making it like those gathered to eat are really on set. Will there be tons of screaming? I’d be surprised if there wasn’t.

As Ramsay’s 5th restaurant in Vegas sets to open up, he was hoping for a nice quiet ribbon cutting. Unfortunately all those who’ve heard about it went on to make reservations and will try getting a spot as a walk-in. There’s a chance you could be the head chef of the restaurant, if you’d like! All you have to do is win the show’s 17th season. Easy peasy.

[via Food & Wine]

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