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Got a HomePod But Don’t Know How to Use It? Apple’s Got You Covered With These Videos

If you’re one of the tons and tons of people who recently acquired an Apple HomePod, don’t feel bad if you’re not entirely sure of how to use it just yet. It’s a pretty complex piece of technology that can do a lot of things, some of which even the most tech-savvy of us might not be aware of, so it’s totally understandable if you feel a little bit lost at first.

Luckily, Apple came out and did us all a solid by releasing a series of short YouTube clips that show you how to operate some of the HomePod’s most essential functions.

The first video is a demonstration of how to make Siri play music on your HomePod so you can jam out to your favorite songs without having to press a button. You can tell her to pump up the volume (or lower it, if your neighbors are mean), which playlist/artist/album to play, skip either a portion of a song or its entirety, go back to the previous song, and basically anything else you would do with your fingers while using your iPod or what have you.

If you’re the type of person who feels more secure with their devices by making physical contact with them as opposed to just using your voice, you should check out this next video. In it, you’ll see how to use the HomePod’s touch interface in order for you to tell it what to do, like operate your music or get Siri to perk up and listen to what you need.

The last video gives you a simple step-by-step rundown of how you can adjust all of your HomePod’s settings via your phone, such as which room in which it’s set up, whether or not to filter out explicit content, and which of Siri’s voices you want responding to you. You can also reset your HomePod entirely with the tap of a button, which is a super simple way of starting such a complex piece of technology over from the beginning.

Hopefully you’ll feel a little more comfortable with your HomePod after watching these videos. If not, look out for more videos like these in the future as Apple’s support team starts to figure out common issues people have with the HomePod and address them accordingly. If all else fails, though, a simple Google search could probably get the job done as well.

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