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Gotham: ‘Harvey Dent’ Recap

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As the fall finale approaches, new characters and schemes are introduced into the somewhat thin narrative. Fish Mooney’s ultimate plan enters its next phase. Gordon keeps a promise to a previous client. And Penguin findsa rat in Falcone’s circle.

Gordon comes home to an empty house as Barbara has left. Citing she isn’t as strong as she needs him to be, she’s taking some time to herself. Luckily she isn’t there to meet Jim’s old acquaintance – teen street hood Selina Kyle. He’s promised the eyewitness to the Wayne murders sanctuary at Wayne Manor. Bruce approves despite Alfred’s many reservations.

Back at GCPD Jim meets new lawyer Harvey Dent. Known for his just view of the law and his knack for aiding youth, Gordon finds Solace in placing him in charge of aiding with the Wayne investigation. His suggestion of naming known gangster Lovecraft as a suspect will certainly stir the pot to more leads. But something ugly is hidden behind Dent’s charismatic grin.

An inmate transfer goes wrong as Ian Hargrove, a known bomber, is kidnapped by members of the Russian mafia. In their custody the mentally unstable prisoner is forced to build bombs. His target: a vault door built of entirely iron. It’s revealed Fish Mooney is behind the Russian mob’s motives as she plans hit Falcone where it hurts.

Speaking of Falcone, nosy Oswald sniffs out the link between Mooney and Liza. The smell of lilacs on her clothing tips him off. He confronts her threatening to kill her if she ceases to lie to Falcone.

Bullock and Gordon get the jump on the mafia and Hargrove as they attempt to break into Falcone’s vault. Surrounded by police, they have nothing to do but to give Hargrove up. Just then the armored truck explodes. A detonator set by Mooney’s Butch himself. The Russian henchmen dead, Hargrove is taken back into custody only to be sent to  Arkham which is being renovated as a mental asylum.

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