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You Gotta “Peep” This New Beer Flavor

In news nobody wanted, there is now a Peeps beer. We have to give The Collective Brewing Project in Fort Worth, Texas props: their weird beers (such as their ramen noodle beer) definitely garner the Internet’s attention. But at what cost? Now I have to think about sugar-coated marshmallow beer.

To be fair, the beer’s description isn’t as sticky-sweet as those animal-shaped monstrosities. The sour ale, dubbed  “Peep This Collab,” is full of springtime flavors, but the decorations are where it gets really interesting. The beers are topped off with a butterfly pea flower for a purple color and contain edible glitter, for realism.

If this sounds appealing (or Instagram-able, at least), then hopefully you live in Texas. For now, “Peep This Collab” will only be available in the lone-star state, although a larger release might follow.

[via Delish]

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