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A Grande Gesture: Ariana Grande’s Texts To Millie Bobby Brown Are Heartwarming

via Elite Daily

Millie Bobby Brown is continuing her crusade to become the coolest living 13-year-old. Last night, the Stranger Things actress posted screenshots of a text conversation with Ariana Grande, who acted as the hypeman we all need in our lives.

The singer, who Brown has saved in her contacts ever-so-casually as “A Grande”, couldn’t even string full sentences together as she raved about Brown’s Golden Globes look. The dress was tiered across the shoulders and black in solidarity in protest against sexual harassment. “And like yes to the black. And like yes. Proud. Gorgeous. Stunning. Bye,” Grande raved. “I mean. Jesus. That’s unbelievable. Who is it.”

Millie Bobby Brown on Instagram

In other news, I’m now accepting applications for someone to text me like this every day. Although it’d probably be a little more along the lines of: “Those yoga pants. Yes. Amazing.” We can’t all be glamorous!

The text conversation was only part of the beautiful women-supporting-women we saw last night. Brown credited the Time’s Up initiative for paving a path for her: “Time’s up. Thank you to all these amazing women who have inspired me and changed my life and made me feel like I can do my job and feel proud. So, thank you.”

More of this in 2018, please!

[via Elite Daily]

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