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Greece’s New Taxi Legislation Wants Uber to Hire Full-Time Drivers

via Uber

Greece has reported their plan for ride-sharing firms to establish three-year contracts with licensed drivers.

These new contracts will impact Uber and Taxibeat drivers. While they will become full-time employees, they will need to buy taxi licenses, which cost around $235,000. Greek taxi drivers, such as taxi union head Thymios Lyberopoulo, were behind the change. He reported:

You can’t have a group of professionals being normally taxed … and a few others not paying at all for the same job, because there [are no set rules]

Taxibeat, whose team of 8,000 taxi drivers and app/tracking service outplays Uber in Greece, will, therefore, face bigger repercussions. The company’s founder, Nikos Drandakis said:

They are trying to regulate the market in a way which, essentially, makes the operation of our app in Greece unfeasible and if not unfeasible … in any case it will make it very difficult

Due to the steep cost for a taxi license in Greece, after this new legislation, Uber and Taxibeat may no longer be “off the hook.” The country will, therefore, face a much-needed government income.

[via Engadget]

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