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Guess Which Trump Cabinet Member Lewis Black Wants to Play on ‘SNL’

lewis black

No, it’s not Kellyanne Conway, which would make all my dreams and nightmares come true. When asked who he would like to play on SNL, Lewis Black replied with a very unexpected answer: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson. We all know Ben Carson as the soft spoken, constantly drowsy and slightly befuddled neurosurgeon that somehow ended up running Housing, which wouldn’t be my first pick for Black.

Black is best known for his angry, twitchy, yell-y brand of comedy. I mean, he’s so perfect at being angry that he was LITERALLY the voice of Anger in Disney’s Inside Out. So why pick Ben Carson??

“Ive got his speech an vocal patterns down because it’s intolerable” Black said in an interview with Vulture, “If you want to get at someone…instead of yelling at them you can say exactly what you want to say if you say it like Ben Carson because it will allow you to say any amount of insane things.”

Sadly, the Baldwin, McCarthy, Black cabinet meeting on SNL is unlikely to happen because Black is pretty sure Lorne Michaels doesn’t think he’s funny.


[via Vulture]

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