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Guy Makes Brilliant Dating Resume and Wins the Internet

Joe Adams
Joe Adams

Leave it to an engineering student to optimize his dating prospectives. After he was turned down by a girl who asked him if he had a dating resume (ladies, if you want to say no, just say no), he decided to make one just in case.

When a friend posted to Facebook trying to help their roommate find a date to formal, he realized that this was his time to shine. He swiftly uploaded his resume with the caption, “I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT.”

His resume thoroughly documents his work life (lubricants, heh), interests, skills, and activities. He seems to be a wholesome candidate for any ladies looking for someone to bring the perfect guy home to their parents.

Personally, I think this guy made a major misstep by not talking more about his dog:

That hasn’t stopped him from being flooded with requests for formals, weddings, and dates. He was even featured on Good Morning America (you can find the video on his mom’s Facebook page, naturally).

Though the original formal date-seeker turned him down, I have a feeling his hard work will pay off.

[Via Mashable]

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