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This Guy Has No Idea How to Kiss and It’s Awkward AF [VIDEO]


If you were worried you were the worst kisser in the world, you can breathe easy. That title already belongs to this guy.

Meet Josh, a contestant on the TLC show Love At First Kiss.

The idea behind this bizarre social experiment turned reality TV is that single people who have never met before have to kiss each other to see if it will spark an instant connection.

Yeah, not so much:

That wasn’t the only time Josh crashed and burned. This adorable, sweet girl tries to get him to lighten up and relax, but you can totally tell it’s like kissing a dead fish.

Move, man! Move! Do something! Don’t just stand there! Of course, when he does put in some more effort, things actually seem to get worse:

Those poor, poor women. Honestly, they’d be better off kissing a frog. At least, that has a chance of transforming into a charming prince.

[via Elite Daily]

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