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Hamza Bin Laden, Osama’s Son, Threatens Massive Attack on the U.S.


It was only a matter of time before someone from Bin Laden’s family threatened the United States again. Osama Bin Laden’s son, Hamza, 23, is calling for terrorist attacks to avenge his father’s death, according to an audio released by al-Qaida.

Is anyone really surprised here?

Hamza says al-Qaida will continue attacking the US because the US “oppresses” Muslims.

Referring to the death of his father in May of 2011, Hamza said, “If you think that your sinful crime that you committed in Abbottabad has passed without punishment, then you thought wrong.”

Hamza’s whereabouts are unknown, but analysts speculate that he may be preparing to take over leadership of al-Qaida.

This isn’t the isn’t the first time Hamza has threatened the US, so take this threat with a grain of salt.

[via Fox News]

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