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A Happier, Healthier You is Just Around The Vend


There are some weird and different things you can get in vending machines these days. Angela Kinsey has a fan made Instagram account for a jacket she got out of a vending machine. In Vegas, phones and tablets are locked within these portable stores. But Australia came up with a different idea for what they put inside, when it comes to getting a quick snack.

Sydney has a new vending machine called Intangible Goods. You won’t find salty or sweet calorie-packed snacks in here. Instead the machine is filled with bars and bags all marked to help elevate a certain feeling you may be lacking.


You won’t suddenly know the meaning of life if you eat the purpose bar, but you might find a small note inside to boost your morale. Each snack has a little note or reminder inside to help you along your journey.

The artists behind the bars collaborated with mental health doctors to ensure that the messages and prompts were effective for each feeling.

America. Let’s get on board with this, okay? Okay.

[via Mashable]

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