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There Is A Harry Potter Erotica Podcast That You Never Knew You Needed

Harry Potter has defined a generation. Between Universal Studios theme park and new book releases in the Potter universe, it probably will define many more generations. When it comes to peoples obsession with the books, there has also been fans who have taken the obsession a step further by creating fan fiction.

Now you can listen to it.

The Potter erotica Podcast was launched by fans Lyndsay Rush, and Allie LeFever this year.

On this podcast, they read some of the best fan fiction/ erotica regarding Harry Potter and read them OUT FUCKING LOUD.

Some of the pairings may surprise you.

There is one in which Hermione and Professor Snape get together because you know that’s not creepy at all, so prepare for anything and everything.

The podcast has gained notoriety since the 20th anniversary of the books has just passed, launching the universe back into the public eye again.

If you’re into fan fiction or maybe just want to laugh along, go check  out the first episode below.

[Via Elite Daily]

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