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Harry Potter Fans Can Solemnly Swear They’re Cooking Up Something Good

via Delish

Fans of J.K. Rowlings’ life work will go absolutely wacky for this Williams Sonoma line of Harry Potter cookware. Why would anyone want such a thing, you ask? A better question is who wouldn’t want some of this?

The paraphernalia involved includes everything from spatulas to aprons. Hopefully you didn’t receive a lot of it for Christmas, because as of right now it is on sale. Praise Dumbledore!

The line is still relatively new, having debuted this past November. The spatulas ordinarily start at $12.95, but are currently on sale for $10.36 plus free shipping. Not too bad for a WS branded product.

They’re manufactured with a heat-resistant silicone to ensure they can stand the heat, should you accidentally cast Avada-Kedavra with it while cooking. The four spatulas and aprons are printed with the four house logos, so you can represent your favorite without the help of a sorting hat.

The aprons are currently going to $39.95 for adult sizes, and $24.95 for children’s’ sizes. Hurry over to the Williams Sonoma website now to get these great products, before they ‘leviosa’ off the shelves.

[via Delish]

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