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As if the Harvey Weinstein Controversy Couldn’t Get Any More Disturbing, He’s Now Being Accused of Rape by Three Different Women

There are new developments concerning the Weinstein controversy, as the New Yorker  now reports that 3 women claim to have been raped by the Hollywood producer. The allegations kickoff with Italian actress-director Asia Argento that 20 years ago, Weinstein had forcibly performed oral sex on her.

Argento is one of three women who told Ronan Farrow (who has conducted a 10-month investigation into Weinstein) that Weinstein raped them. The New Yorker has gone on a campaign to expose the disturbing actions of Weinstsein. 13 women have spoken to Farrow about being sexually assaulted by Weinstein, 3 of them say they have been raped, and four claimed having experienced being touched inappropriately.

Farrow’s article points out the how theres a cultures which allows these disturbing occurrences to take place. Farrow writes that he was able to put together a group of witnesses and victims of the the producers sexual misconduct.

The group consisted of 16 former and current executives and assistants at Weinstein companies. One executive described a disturbing ritual where Weinstein’s assistants would act as a “honeypot,” in which they would  join a meeting, and at the end quickly exit, leaving the women alone with Weinstein–um creepy.

Weinstein who has admitted to groping a model in a police recording, denies the new rape allegations.

If Weinstein had any plans of going after the New York Times, he might want to now focus his attack on the New Yorker, since they’re the ones bringing the heat now.

[via Deadline]

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