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I Hate to Say it, But Rose McGowan’s New Show is Actually Inspiring

CREDIT: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Casa Reale

2017 was the year of sexual misconduct, harassment and assault allegations flooding Hollywood and our timelines. 2018 is the year that everyone fights back.

300 women in Hollywood have already launched the Time’s Up initiative, helping everyone women in every industry combat sexual harassment in the workplace. And, Rose McGowan, a prominent fixture in the fight against sexual harassment, is getting her own docuseries on E! titled Citizen Rose.

The first trailer for the series sees McGowan saying:

“I knew others were out there, And I knew it was a lot of us.”

The docuseries will have 5 parts and see McGowan fight for justice. She also focuses on her own alleged rape by Harvey Weinstein.

Citizen Rose begins on January 30 with a two-hour premiere.

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