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Haters Gonna Hate, and Skaters Gonna Skate

If you like to see people get what’s coming to them, you’ll be happy with this recent update.

Fox Sports Commentator Edward Egros recently tweeted his feelings about figure skating, and received a response of such fire that I’m surprised he wasn’t rushed to the burn ward.  His comment was that although he has great respect for figure skaters, figure skating in and of itself is not a sport. Shots fired.

Without being incredibly aggressive, 17 year old figure skater Vincent Zhou tweeted him back. He simply told Egros that if he doesn’t think figure skating is a sport, he should just stick to his job.

You could almost hear the cheers of people as they ‘liked’ his tweet, and sent out their praise to him along with their roasts of Egros, including Zhou’s teammate, Chris Knierim.

Looks like the Fox Commentator is on thin ice.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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