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Your Heart Will Break After Watching this Video of a Little Boy Not Being Able to Hug his Sister After her Championship Win


The younger brother of a Wisconsin High School basketball player was denied a hug with his sister after her championship win on March 11th.

The younger brother, Jaylen, who is used to hugging his big sister, Sydney, was stopped just before making it to his sister by an official of the WIAA (Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association). He turned back to his parents crying. Their father, Nic Levy, tweeted the video just after the incident.

According to Mashable, Todd C. Clark, Director of Communications for WIAA, responded to the incident in a statement:

For the safety of the players, coaches, media and spectators, as well as conducting the award ceremonies in a proficient and efficient manner, the WIAA does its best to keep spectators from entering onto the court at any time. We encourage players, their families, classmates and others to celebrate and exchange their congratulations, as well as share their joy at the appropriate time after the ceremonies.
As heartbreaking as the video is, it seems clear the woman was just enforcing safety rules set by the WIAA, in order to keep the floor clear of fans and keep the players and coaches safe.

[Via Mashable]

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