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Heckin’ Good Boys Square Up for Tuff Love… On Tinder

via Golf Digest

Some people don’t like the whole day event that is the Super Bowl, which is fine, sports aren’t for everyone. But other people don’t like dogs, or the Puppy Bowl game that occurs the same day. These people are deemed mentally unfit for society.

The Puppy Bowl (should be called the ‘Pup Cup’), is a great event where a whole pack of puppos gather to chase a ball around and are adopted afterwards. If that doesn’t make your heart melt, then get the hecko away from here. Go buy yourself a pet snek.

via Golf Digest
via Golf Digest

This year, the Puppy Bowl is doing something a little different. They’ve partnered with Tinder to show off the ‘players’ beforehand, so people get to see the contenders. The pups aren’t looking for love, which sucks, because they’re probably the only Tinder users that won’t hang out with you then never call you again. Still waiting on that ‘let’s get coffee soon’ text, Janice.

The doggos will have their profiles up until February 4 and you can donate by swiping right on these good boys. So if you come across one of these profiles during a lonely late night Ben & Jerry’s session, don’t worry, it isn’t a trap to find bestiality enthusiasts. But these pictures will make you feel things you haven’t felt in years.

[via Golf Digest]

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