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Hell No: Someone Broke into Nicki Minaj’s House and Stole $175,000 Worth of Stuff


While Nicki Minaj was out being besties with Drake and Lil Wayne again, someone apparently robbed her Los Angeles home and made off with $175,000 worth of jewelry and other stolen property.

According to TMZ Nicki’s house was “totally trashed” while the rapper was out of town sometime between November and January. Apparently the robber(s) seemed like they were looking for something specific because they flipped over furniture and knocked over multiple items throughout the house.

A source close to the case also told TMZ that the damage looked “personal,” and that the burglars had “destroyed picture frames, perfume bottles, and furniture,” and had also cut up some of Nicki’s clothing.

There are no suspects as of yet and Nicki has not commented on the matter.

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