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Here’s A Painting of Your Favorite Male Celeb Going Down On You

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You know how art is supposed to make you feel things? And sometimes you’re in the Met staring at a famous artist’s latest exhibit and you’re not exactly sure what you’re supposed to be feeling. Well that won’t be the case with these paintings.

In an effort to normalize the female not as sex object, but instead as a being who actually enjoys sex, Brooklyn-based artist Alexandra Rubinstein has created a series of portraits titled “A Dream Come True.” Aptly titled, the 28-year-old has depicted the most popular male celebrities performing oral sex on women. The 28-year-old was born in Ekaterinburg, Russia and has been living in America since she was 8, she explained to Cosmopolitan,

[This series] was a response to the lack of heterosexual female perspective in representation of sexuality in mainstream media and pornography… which reiterates to the viewer that sex is about men and their pleasure. It’s not!

I wanted to explore fantasy from women’s point of view, which usually includes Jon Hamm and cunnilingus. At least for me.









“Hey Girl”

Alexandra Rubinstein

“Best I Ever Had”

Alexandra Rubinstein

“Is It Too Late Now?”

Alexandra Rubinstein

“Breakfast Hamm”

Alexandra Rubinstein

“Eat It Like Beckham”

Alexandra Rubinstein

“28 Hours”

Alexandra Rubinstein

“What’s Gilbert Grape Eating?”

Alexandra Rubinstein


Alexandra Rubinstein

You can buy copies of Alexandra Rubinstein’s prints here.

[via Elite Daily]

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