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Here’s What Happened On Last Night’s Episode of ‘Real Housewives of New York City’

Carole wore a huge bright blue fur coat on a trip with her mother to canvas for Hillary in Pennsylvania on Election Day and the internet went wild:

Meanwhile back in New York, Ramona spent her day getting plastic surgery on her face: 

Sonja went on a date with a man named Rocco, but she made sure to tell the entire world that she’s sleeping with a French man named Edgar, and not with Rocco, because “there’s guys you sleep with, and guys you marry“, talking about how they’re “in two separate piles”:

On Election Day, Luanne and Dorinda shopped at Brook’s Brothers, and Luanne boasted that “she’s not really into politics, because she’s in love”, as she giggled coyly:

Then, Luann showed Dorinda a photo of the $5,000 Rolex watch she had purchased as a gift for her fiance Tom on her cracked iPhone screen:

Carole threw her Election night party:

Heather Thomson showed up first to the party to visit us from the past:

Following the tragic results of the election, Carole and Ramona went dress shopping together the next day, where Carole accidentally spilt the beans about the surprise party that Dorinda was throwing for Ramona:

And the surprise party instantly became a mess, with Ramona double booking her plans to go out with Dorinda that night, by meeting up with a date she had planned instead:

Carole showed up to the party sporting a series of giant, terrifying bruises across her back (???):

Ramona finally got there, and it was delightful; Ramona (although perhaps fake) cried, and it was a particularly endearing #tendermoment in Housewives History:

Carole, who thought she had ruined the surprise for Ramona, found the one instance that benefitted everyone in Ramona’s inability to listen to anything anyone else says:

And Harry Dubin, the guy who gave Sonja an “engagement” ring a few seasons ago, before leaving later that night to sleep with Luanne, made a brief return:

Ramona called up her date from earlier that night and asked him to come through, but when Luann asked what his name was Ramona couldn’t remember:

On the phone with her date, Ramona asked “I’m sorry, what’s your first name again?”

Sonja kept asking Tinsley to “go get her a drink”:

Ramona’s date showed up and it. was. so. awkward:

Bethenny declined to attend the event and Ramona was furious:

And Ramona and Sonja argued about the pronunciation of the word “momentous”, “Is it momentum? Momentous? Should we google it?” before agreeing that the word they were looking for was “monumental”:

As always:

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