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Hey Kids, Wanna Learn How to Code? Lego’s Got You Covered!


Lego, the company behind the classic building blocks that have been around since the mid 20th century, have built toys that encourage kids to code.

The Danish toymaker has adapted to the technological trend of the 21st century by first introducing Lego’s Mindstorms robotics kit, which are used as a learning tool in computer science classes.

Lego has followed the success of Mindstorms kit with The Lego Boost kit, which allows kids to build five unique smart toy models, including a cat, robot, and guitar. Users download a corresponding app which includes 60 coding activities, and allows personal voice recordings to be spoken by the Lego toys.

The kit comes with a Lego brick and a tilt sensor, called a Move Hub, which powers the Lego toys. The modified bricks are fixed with a motor and sensors to gauge their surroundings, including the ability to determine the distance of foreign objects in its path. Once a toy’s sensors work, kids are encouraged to build bases and add them to their unique models.

The kit will be available for $160 later this year, for ages 7 and older.

[via CNN]


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