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Hillary’s Suit During Her Concession Speech Tells a Deeper Story Than You Might Think


The 2016 election was perhaps the wildest presidential election the United States has ever seen. From its candidates’ campaigns to the final results, no American could wake up one morning and know for sure what would happen on the political scene that day. For Hillary Clinton, this didn’t seem to be the case, as her victory in the election was all but guaranteed. That is, up until Election Day, and we all know how that turned out.

Being taken completely off guard by her loss, Clinton had not even written a concession speech prior to Trump’s victory. However, the day after the results came in, she found a space to write the speech and delivered it to the public that evening.

Outside of the content of the speech itself, something interesting about Clinton’s address was her and her husband Bill’s purple attire. While this may seem trivial to some, others felt that it was made to represent the bipartisan nature of the chief American political parties, as purple is a combination of red and blue. In her book What Happened, Clinton confirmed that this was her intention, writing, “The morning after the election, Bill and I both wore purple. It was a nod to bipartisanship.”

The story actually has some more gravity to it, as Clinton planned on wearing her purple suit on her first day in office had she been elected. She wanted to show herself as a president for all Americans, not just the ones who voted for her. Instead, she wore it as she delivered her emotional concession speech to a room of sobbing supporters.

Clinton had been relatively quiet after the election prior to her release of What Happened and the subsequent media coverage it garnered.

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