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How to Hint That You Want to Get Engaged Without Sounding Like a Lunatic

There comes a certain point in a relationship where the woman in the relationship starts wondering why her counterpart isn’t proposing. It isn’t necessarily because she’s dying to get married, but it is the natural progression of any normal relationship to want to take things further. However, if you’re finding that your partner has gotten way too comfortable and simply seems like everything is great without thinking about the future, you might find yourself slowly but surely questioning whether or not you’re wasting your time.

Look, it’s normal for a woman to want to get married. If you ask me, it’s hardwired into some of out DNA. However, just because you want to get engaged, or simply want your partner to acknowledge that that’s where the relationship is headed, you can’t be a lunatic about it.

I’ve seen so many women give their partners speeches and ultimatums in order to get a ring out of them. Well guess what? That’s not the way marriage works. You can’t pressure someone into wanting to marry you. However, you can drop subtle hints here and there that may nudge your partner in the right direction.

Drop hints at the kind of ring you want

If done correctly, it’s totally normal to show your partner the kind of ring you want without saying that it’s the ring you want. Imagine you’re scrolling through Instagram and see a nice ring on someone. Simply show your partner and say “Wow, look at how gorgeous that is.” Don’t be insane and shout “THIS IS WHAT I WANT!” No. That’s not how it works.

Be coy with your approach to let your partner know that rings are something you think about and that marriage is on the table. If your partner knows that it’s something you’re thinking about, they might be more likely to start thinking about it as well.

Go to weddings together

Sure some weddings are annoying and your partner might say that they don’t want to go with you. HOWEVER, let them know that it’s not going to fly; they’re coming with. There’s something about weddings that makes everyone think about getting married. Even people who have never thought of marriage before start wondering that it would be like to tie the knot. So, if you want marriage to be on your partners radar, go to weddings together.

Considering the spring is upon us, wedding season is right around the corner. Go to as many weddings as you can and subtly note the things you like and dislike about the wedding. See if your partner joins in on the conversation and take it from there.

Leave random wedding-ish crap around the house

Okay, don’t leave a veil hanging out on the floor, but you can leave wedding-related things around the home you two share. For example, pick up some fresh flowers and mention how nice of an “arrangement” it is. Lit some candles around the house to set the mood. Get them thinking about weddings without actually having them realize you’re dropping hints left and right.

Point out old married couples

Everyone loves an old married couple. There isn’t a single soul on Earth (at least one who’s decent) who doesn’t like old married couples. Come on, they’re adorable! Next time you see an old married couple out somewhere, mention how adorable you think they are. Say that you want to have that one day. DO NOT say “OMG, that could totally be us.” But say something like “I hope I have that one day.”

You don’t have to mention your partner directly when you say that (if you do they might feel pressured). So just mention yourself. Say that that’s what YOU want. Make it known that marriage and growing old with someone is on your agenda.

Have a normal conversation

If all else fails, just sit down and have a real conversation with your partner about where they see this relationship going. Speak about kids, marriage, the future. Figure out if you two are on the same page and if you want the same things. Once you have an honest conversation about it, you can take steps to move forward from there.

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