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Hold Up: Actress Hits on Jay-Z, and Beyonce Shuts it Down

CREDIT: Christopher Polk/Staff/Getty Images

Anybody that would walk up on rapper and businessman Jay-Z, one of the top selling rappers of all time and the well-known beau of Beyoncé, and touch his chest obviously has a huge death wish or is a major idiot. And this person definitely has not watched Beyoncé’s music video Lemonade. 

When this very thing happened shit went down just like one might expect it to.

Beyoncé strolled up on the over-stepping actress who was caressing Jay-Z’s chest (as she walked up the wind was probably blowing her hair perfectly, the sound of lightning could be heard in the background, and I can only assume it all happened in sexy slow-motion) and shut her down just with one icy stare that probably reduced the interloper to ashes right there on the spot.

Actress Tiffany Haddish saw the whole situation go down as she was partying with the two stars at the time.

Haddish had been schmoozing with the power couple at an afterparty for one of Jay-Z’s concerts. They were taking selfies and having a good time together when Beyoncé and Haddish noticed an actress walk up to Jay-Z and start touching his chest.

Beyoncé would have pounced herself, but turns out that Haddish was plenty furious about what she was seeing. Nobody messes with Beyoncé! Actually, Beyoncé had to hold Haddish back, telling her just to enjoy herself and forget all about it.

Haddish told Vulture,

Haddish was finally convinced, but said that she would only forget about it if Beyoncé took a selfie with her.

Beyoncé agreed, and the two of them proceeded to give no fucks.


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