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Hooters Servers Will No Longer Wear Iconic Uniforms in New Outlets


When you think of Hooters you probably think of their iconic, cleavage-embracing uniforms (and wings). But in an effort to become more “family-friendly” the restaurant chain is opening more than 30 new outlets across Asia, that will feature a different uniform.

In the Jakarta outlet for example, the company is working on a new uniform that will feature longer skirts, higher necklines and thicker stockings.

“We want to be culturally respectful,” Neil Bailey, the president of Hooters Asia told news outlet Channel NewsAsia. “We sat down with members of the local governing boards and advisors of a mosque nearby. We showed them our website and said: ‘This is who we are. We know this is not acceptable so what would be acceptable?”

To go along with the family-centered experience, the outlet has a Halal menu that features options for kids, and plenty of high chairs and booster seats. It also has a no-smoking rule and has no age restriction.

“Hooters of America was worried [that modifications would dilute the brand] but we didn’t have to take long to convince them,” said Bailey.

[via Mashable]


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