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Hot Dog! Bill Murray and Brian Doyle-Murray Team Up for Series About Minor League Baseball

CREDIT: Oso Studios

Famed funnyman Bill Murray is also noted for his status as a baseball nut, and I’m willing to bet his brother Brian Doyle-Murray feels the same way about the sweet crack of the bat. Evidence: the fraternal actors have teamed up for Bill Murray and Brian Doyle-Murray’s Extra Innings, a 10-episode series about minor league baseball that premieres on Facebook Watch November 20.

The series follows the Murray brothers as they travel across the country to visit various minor league teams like the Martha’s Vineyard Sharks, Charleston RiverDogs, St. Paul Saints, and Kansas City T-Bones. Hopefully they encounter a few Cinderella stories along the way.

You can go ahead and follow the Extra Innings show page to keep an eye on when it’s time to watch. Check out a preview below:

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