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How Do You Know He’s The One? … You Don’t

If I have to hear one more cheesy rom-com flick with a happily ever after, or some generic pop song spewing true love and all its “glory,” I’m going to lose my shit. It’s like everywhere I go, I’m surrounded by all things love and sex. People are getting married left and right and popping out kids like we’re in some weird, realistic version of Cheaper by the Dozen.

They are totally comfortable with never looking back on the single life. A part of me feels happy for those lucky folk who have it in their mind that they’ve found “the one,” but the other part of me, the more pessimistic side, can’t help but embark on a series of eye-ball rolls and sighs of annoyance (and yes, I’m aware that I’m thinking like this because I’m single as fuck). But it’s basically a type of choreography, one that ensues my inner negative Nancy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely against the notion of “the one.” In fact, I’m not against it at all. What I’m really trying to say is that there are no guarantees. It’s a risk we take, a put-it-all-on-the-line kind of risk. We’re opening ourselves up, consciously choosing to build our lives, our future around this person in hopes that they’ll stick around till the day our ticker quits ticking. That isn’t an easy thing to do. The fact of the matter is you never know but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dip your toe (or more) in the seductive sea of semen. Here’s why:

He might actually be the one

Like I said, you never know but that doesn’t automatically mean that he isn’t the one. There’s a chance he is, there’s a chance he isn’t. It’s better to take that chance and let him prove that he’s deserving of you instead of calling things off for fear that they might not work out. That’s life, dude. It’s a harsh truth, as the truth usually is.

He’s thinking the same about you

Screw all that “he’s a guy, he’s different. He doesn’t think like girls do.” I call bullshit. Guys want a wifey type, haven’t you been listening to every single current rap song ever? They want a girl they can marry, a girl that they’ll end up taking for granted at some point in the future but that’s a topic for different article. Point is, they marry for the same reason we do. They want a forever with you.

Don’t take advice from pessimists like me

You know what you’re doing. You don’t need others to make you question your relationship. If it’s healthy, if emotions and efforts are reciprocated, if he makes you feel happy about yourself, about your life, then don’t give that up because some schmuck decides to open their mouth about the odds of you ending up a divorced, single woman.

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