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How Far Will People Go For More Likes? Check Out the ‘Tragedy Girls’ Trailer to Find Out

CREDIT: Gunpowder & Sky

We all know at least one person who cares way too much about their social media presence. With that in mind, the trailer for Tragedy Girls shows us just how far some people might go to get more likes, and it far surpasses anything you might expect.

Starring Brianna Hildebrand of Deadpool fame and Alexandra Shipp from X-Men: Apocalypse as the two “Tragedy Girls,” the film features the two as a couple of teenagers willing to do anything to garner more followers, including actually killing other people. Categorized as a horror-comedy, Tragedy Girls looks to be a whole lot of fun while providing some pretty significant commentary on just how much social media affects young people in modern society.

Tragedy Girls is set to land in theaters on October 20 and you can check out the trailer below:


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