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Howard University Students Swag Surf Together at Commencement Ceremony


I’m sure many of you have attended or had your own college commencement ceremony you were forced to sit through as you were bored to tears after your name and your friend’s names were called. But not all college commencements have to be boring. Just ask anyone who graduated from Howard University in Washington D.C. The swag surf videos have gone viral as student, parents, friends, and family record the unified front “swag surfing” together as they turn another chapter in their book of life.

Here are some of the videos circulating on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook:

Views from the student section.

Views from the audience, as parents join.

More audience fun as they watch these young men and women enjoy their achievement.

Where was this when I was graduating college? Probably listening to faculty and staff from my school ramble on about how the world is my oyster and how great of an achievement this is. While this may be true, seeing other colleges having fun at commencement is a big slap in the face to the monotone speakers at my college graduation. The best part of my college graduation was the steak I got to eat after.

This is a tradition that Howard U continues, leaving all other colleges with an invitation to top them. What a fun way to kick off the careers of these recent college grads who has the potential to achieve anything they want (great now I sound like one of your commencement speakers too). Good luck to all graduates from the 2017 graduating class.

[via Twitter]

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