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HQ Trivia Brings Woman To Tears With $11 Prize

Screenshot via @averyarmour/Twitter

You can’t do much with $11.30. You can buy a couple gallons of gasoline. Perhaps even, you can enjoy a slice of pizza. If lucky, throw in a can of your favorite soft drink. But for Lauren May, this is enough to burst into tears of joy.

The young woman won this amount after playing 12 rounds on HQ Trivia, which is a live trivia game that can be played on Androids and iPhones. The game has spread all over the country. Each day hosts thousands of participants looking to win some dough. The app gives out an average of $14,000 a week.

May was a part of the winner’s circle Tuesday, as her friends shared her celebration through a video (below) that went viral. Her day was even better when the host, Scott Rogowsky, named her the “HQtie of the Year.” May could not hold back her emotions, which led to her crying some more.

Some people dread the idea of meeting their heroes. Based on her reactions, May interacting with Rogowsky may be her top highlight of the year.


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