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A huge tremor hits Mexico and people have been warned to evacuate


Mexico’s National Seismological Service reported that a tremor struck around 30 kilometers southwest of Arcelia, Guerrero with a magnitude of 5.2 at 9.20AM local time.

Although there have been no reports of damage to buildings, officials have begun to take evacuation measures in Mexico which is over 200 kilometers away.

A lot of Residents in the area have expressed their concern and panic on social media.

Erin Coughlan de Perez wrote: “Incredibly fast evacuation drill for earthquakes in the capital, Mexico City – under 1 minute.”

Ana Rosa Quintana wrote: “In Mexico City and earthquake alarms started sounding. Rushed out of hotel room in my pajamas and two grown men pushed me to pass me on the stairs.”

Blogger MexicoTrippa wrote on Facebook: “People pouring out onto the streets to a safe area, looking up at the buildings and waiting anxiously for the worst.

“Unfortunately, earthquakes in Mexico seem to be the way of life recently.”

Mexico is built on top of the Ring of Fire, a chain of powerful earthquake zones and volcanoes along the border of the Pacific Basin. Thus, Seismic activity is common in Mexico because of that. The ring of fire is 40,000km-long and stretches from New Zealand, all around the east coast of Asia, Canada, and the USA, making its way down to the southern tip of South America. Most of the earthquakes in the world occur in this region and the zone consists of more than 450 volcanoes.

Mexico City is also constructed on top of a former lakebed, which makes the ground soft, magnifying the effects of a quake.

Credit Source: Express

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