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Hurricane Nate was No Hurricane Maria, But the Impact was Still Devastating


Last week, news of Tropical Storm Nate broke as the storm threatened several states in the Gulf Coast. This was the fourth hurricane in one season to hit the United States, the most since 2005. The other three this year have been Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria. There were reports that Tropical Storm Nate would possibly upgrade to a hurricane by the time it hit the mainland.

Over the weekend, Louisiana prepared for the storm, as did Mississippi and Alabama. Residents in all three states evacuated ahead of major flooding and severe storm surges. When the hurricane did hit Mississippi, it was a category 1 hurricane; damage still occurred.

Several people lost power and cell phone service due to major flooding and heavy rain.

The storm surge rose quickly and Mississippi got heavily flooded:

Alabama saw some flooding as well:

Hurricane Nate quickly weakened back to storm status after its landfall.

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