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‘I Feel Pretty’ Trailer: Does Amy Schumer Know What “Sneek Peak” Means?

It seems that The Ellen DeGeneres Show is now the hot destination for debuting the trailers for female-fronted comedies. Amy Schumer stopped by the couch yesterday to present a sneak peek of I Feel Pretty, and now the full version of the trailer is available for our viewing pleasure.

To catch you up to speed: the premise is that Schumer’s character struggles with body image and self-confidence, but after getting conked on the head, she suddenly believes that she is stunningly beautiful.

What I like about the approach that I Feel Pretty appears to be taking is that when Schumer looks in the mirror, she does not see a stereotypical hot bod, but rather herself exactly as she is. It is a comedy about perception. Also, the humor seems to not to be based on “That ugly person is going crazy with her body,” but rather, “Wow, that lady is breathtakingly confident.”

For those of you looking to identify the songs in this trailer, it starts off with Grouplove’s “Ways to Go” and then finishes with Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too,” and I kind of wish it were the former the whole time because of how fittingly exuberant it its.

I Feel Pretty is currently scheduled for a June 29 release. Watch the trailer below:

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