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Ichiro Matches Legend Babe Ruth in Hits

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Babe Ruth is the most legendary player to ever play the game of baseball, right? Many would agree with that statement.

On Monday night however, Miami Marlins’ Ichiro Suzuki manage to catch up to the legend Babe Ruth in hits. The milestone hit occurred in the fifth inning versus the Arizona Diamondback. Ichiro was filling in for Marlins’ Starter Marcell Ozuna and managed to hit a bloop single to give him his 2,873rd hit in majors, the same as Ruth.

This milestone is impressive due the fact that Ichiro started his MLB career at 27 years old. Ruth wasn’t a regular hitter until the age of 24. Before the age of 24, Ruth made about 800 plate appearances and only managed to receive 203 hits. Thanks to Ichiro’s health he has managed to be in the league 13 years and play an average of 157 games per season allowing him to get enough hits to catch up to the legend.

No one knows the next time Ichiro will get a hit or if even gets another hit but, many are expecting him to surpass Babe Ruth by the end of this month. I guess we will wait and see if he surpasses the legend.

[via SB Nation]

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