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ICYMI: Here Are the Most Important Announcements From Apple WWDC 2017


This year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (aka WWDC 2017) just started, and if you didn’t watch yesterday’s opening keynote, here’s what you missed:


  • Amazon Prime video is coming to Apple TV later this year.
  • Tim Cook promises you will hear more about tvOS later this year.


  • watchOS 4 is the new OS system
  • More information coming to the watch’s face, as well as more information from Siri, and a “raise to wake” feature.
  • New kaleidoscope face that you can change based off your photos.
  • Toy Story characters on the Apple Watch, including Woody, Buzz, and Jessie.
  • New personal monthly challenges will help you accomplish goals based on your history.
  • “High Intensity Interval Training” workout option, well as recognizing multiple styles of workouts in a single session.
  • Sync up your Apple Watch with workout equipment, starting on machines this fall.
  • Support multiple playlist and music on the watch.
  • watchOS 4 is coming in the fall


  • macOS High Sierra is the new name, “fully baked.”
  • Safari is the world’s fastest desktop in High Sierra, with an 80% faster performance than Chrome.
  • Autoplay blocking in Safari, detecting sites that shouldn’t be playing video and puts you in control.
  • High Sierra Safari has intelligent tracking prevention, protecting your privacy.
  • Full-screen split view for mail.
  • Photos will have new organization and editing tools and  improved facial recognition. You can also now edit color, and synch your edits with photoshop.
  • Apple file system to macOS as the new default, which is safe and secure with a built in crash protection.
  • Order a developer kit today, with support roll out in months to come.
  • Metal for VR in High Sierra, with Steam, Unity and Unreal brining their engines to the Mac.
  • High Sierra beta is available now for developers, and the public later this month, with the official release in the fall.
  • Better graphics and bigger value for the iMac, MacBook, and MacBook Pro, all of which are shipping today.
  • New iMac Pro coming in December with a “badass” grey finish. “The most powerful Mac we’ve ever made.” Starting model will be $4,999.

iOS 11:

  • All of your conversations in Messages will be automatically synchronized across all devices.
  • Apple Pay will have person-to-person payments, integrated right into Messages. Money goes to an Apple Pay cash card that you can use with Apple Pay or transfer to your bank.
  • Siri’s got a new female and male voice, with different inflections for the same words.
  • Siri can also translate messages into other languages.
  • Siri uses on-device learning to share new topics with users, which is synched across all devices, and completely private to you.
  • New camera has photos and videos that take up half the space than they used to. The camera is also improved for the iPhone 7/7+.
  • iOS 11 will let you trim and edit your live photos, and change which still is a key photo. Loop  and reverse effect also implemented, kind of like boomerang. Also new “long exposure” feature.
  • Control center is revamped, including sliders on a single page with 3-D giving access to more controls.
  • Lock screen and notifications will become one.
  • Maps will have floor plans of malls and airports, as well as lane guidance.
  • “Do not disturb on the road” to not distract you while driving if you car has Apple Play. Will give automatic response to people who text you while in this mode, and will let you filter out the most important messages.
  • Speakers added to Home Kit.
  • See what your friends are listening to in Apple Music. Developers are also getting access to Apple Music to curate playlists.
  • Brand New, redesigned App Store, with a mock up featuring Monument Valley 2 (Which you can download today)!
  • New dedicated space to new releases, games, in-app purchases, and apps separate from games. Looks sort of like Apple Music.
  • An augmented reality developer application is coming to iOS 11! “AR like you’ve never seen it before.”
  • iOS 11 is available to developer’s as a beta today, and the official system is coming in the Fall.


  • New iPad Pro!
  • “Perfect size” for full sized, on-screen keyboard and smart board.
  • “Best displays we’ve ever made.”
  • Brand new camera, which is great since the iPad camera usually sucks.
  • Supports fast charging.
  • Starting at $649, you can order them now and they start shipping next week.
  • With iOS 11 for iPad, you can multitask easier.
  • Drag and drop is also coming to iPad.
  • Files is also coming to iPad on iOS11.

Home Speaker:

  • “Reinvent music in the home.”
  • Called the “HomePod,” with a focus on music.  
  • Takes full advantage of the environment and adapts the sound to the space it’s in.
  • Works together with your Apple Music subscription.
  • Siri built in the speaker to play music and ask questions about songs.
  • Can also set reminders, check weather, look up info, and will sync with your Home Kit.
  • Will only listen once you say “Hey Siri.”
  • Will cost $349, comes in two colors, and will start shipping this December.


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