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This Idiot Sandwich Crashed His Ferrari About an Hour After He Bought it

If you’re ever lucky enough to be able to buy a Ferrari, do me a favor and actually take care of it.

When people buy Ferrari’s, they treat them like fucking gold. But not this guy.

A Ferrari 430 Scuderia worth $260,000 was completely totaled after it veered off a motorway and burst into flames. South Yorkshire Police said the driver, who managed to escape with just cuts and bruises, left the road in wet conditions.

In a statement on Facebook, South Yorkshire Police said,

“Officers asked the driver what sort of car he ‘had’ to which he replied ‘it was a Ferrari’. Detecting a sense of damaged pride he then said ‘I’ve only just got it, picked it up an hour ago’.”

Oy. Maybe stick to a smart car?

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