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Some Idiot Tried to Leak Nude Photos of Emily Ratajkowski That Have Already Been Leaked

Photo by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images for REVOLVE
Photo by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images for REVOLVE

Yesterday, an Internet asshat tried to leak nude photos of Emily Ratajkowski that were already leaked two years ago. Said creep direct messaged Helen Wood, a British Big Brother contestant turned Daily Star blogger, with a link to Ratajkowski’s iCloud photos.

Wood refused to publish the photos and instead wrote a column chastising the sender and everyone else involved in the dissemination of celebrity nudes.

Wood writes:

I understand that lads are lads, they have a meltdown over female genitalia, whatever, I also get why they look at these pics when they leak, but anyone applauding it and helping spread it like wild fire, ask yourselves how you’d feel if that was your mum, kids’ mum, sister, girlfriend, or YOU?

Aside from the fact that hacking and leaking another person’s nude photos is a disgusting and subhuman thing to do, a representative of Ratajkowski has confirmed that these are the same photos that were leaked in 2015.

Not to mention that Ratajkowski has a large cache of racy, consensual photos that she has had taken throughout her modeling career that are available for public consumption.

Ratajkowski is a model, actress, and outspoken feminist. She responded nonchalantly to the repeat hack on Twitter:

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