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If You Know Where Gina Rodriguez Is, Then You Know Where in the World Carmen Sandiego Is


It looks like Carmen Sandiego is currently hanging out in sunny Miami, as Jane the Virgin‘s Gina Rodriguez has been tapped to voice the scarlet-inclined criminal mastermind for an upcoming animated Netflix series. Rodriguez confirmed the news herself via Twitter, which – someone has to say it – is totally at odds with the secrecy of her new role:

If Sandiego was ever a resident of her namesake town, I assume she hightailed it out of there right after reading the writing on the wall about the football team leaving town.

Rodriguez will be following in the EGOT-ed footsteps of her sometime JtV co-star Rita Moreno, who voiced the title character in Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?

This is an inspiring casting choice, but Rodriguez is going to have a tough time matching the voice work of Anthony Mendez, a.k.a. Jane‘s Latin Lover Narrator. We will keep an eye on her to find out what she can do.

Appropriately given the subject matter, Netflix is currently playing coy with a release date. According to Deadline, it will drop in 2019, but they’re not getting any more specific than that.

[via Mashable]

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