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If You’re a Burger Fan, You Might Want to Head to Miami Right the Fuck Now


Ugh. This looks amazing.

In Miami, Chef Reuben Ruiz has created 603 burger creations in his restaurant, Airport Cafe and Liquors. Each has a unique twist to it. It all started when his family challenged him to create a new burger as the special each day. A year later, each creation was getting buzz around town.

Customers would request his specials without knowing what they were. When some became real popular he added them to the menu. One popular item is his Cherry Jack Daniels BBQ burger.

Ruiz said,

“It’s a flavor explosion. You’ve got the sweetness of the glaze — the Jack gives it a little bitterness, but the cherry and brown sugar cuts right through it. I had to throw it on menu. People eat it with a fork and knife and go HAM on it.”

So how does he come up with these creations? He starts with a flavor he is craving and works from there.

If you want to see his creations go check it out @chefreuban on Instagram.

[via Delish]

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