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In Case You Were Wondering, McDonald’s Pizza Exists


Here’s the secret menu item at McDonald’s that will change your life: pizza. While it’s only available at two McDonald’s locations in the United States, it does exist and it’s called the McPizza. People travel from all around the country (and Canada) to get their hands on it—but can you blame them?! So where are these McPizzas located: Pomeroy, Ohio, and Spencer, West Virginia.

According to Eater, the McPizza was introduced to McDonald’s stores across the country in the late 1980s and was available until the late ’90s. Eater says most places eventually removed it from the menu due to its 11-minute cook time, because it wasn’t exactly “fast food” with that kind of wait time.

But still, the McPizza reigns. Just watch these hungry brothers travel eight hours in search of it:

And all of these people who took to Instagram to show off the cheesy pie:

Just getting some #mcpizza nbd.

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Road trip, anyone?

[via Cosmopolitan]


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