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India’s “Faith Runner” Collapses So Close to Hitting his 100km/100 Days Goal

Photo via @HrishiKay

India’s “Faith Runner,” 44-year-old Samir Singh, just fell short of his goal to run 100k a day for 100 days straight.

Singh, who some have called the “Indian Forrest Gump,” has been running 62 miles (100km) every day through the streets of Mumbai since April 29th, hoping to set a record for running 6213 miles (10,000km) in 100 days. But, before completing his final stretch, exhaustion got the best of him, and he collapsed.

He was only within 36 kilometers of his goal.

I mean, I can’t even go from my bed to the fridge without collapsing, so kudos to this guy.

[Via Twitter Moments]

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