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Instagram Gives Users Back Their Chronological Feed (Kinda)


When Instagram decided that they would no longer present photos and videos to their user in a chronological feed, users of the platform were poised to stage a revolution. No longer able to figure out when the photos and videos they were seeing had been posted by friends and family, or anybody else who was followed disorientation and frustration quickly began to run rampant throughout the Insta-world. But Instagram could no longer take the abuse laid on by these disgruntled loyal Insta-users. So now they are rescinding that oh-so-unpopular decision (sort of).

Instagram reported to the public on Thursday, via a blog post, that they had absolutely heard the complaints, and although they will not change their decision and return to a chronological feed format (they are too proud…) they are however introducing “changes to ensure that newer posts are more likely to appear first in feed.” Kevin Weil, VP of product at Instagram, tweeted that the change is “focused on making the feed fresher.”

Instagram is also currently testing a “New Post” feature that would allow users to refresh their feed whenever they choose to. If you choose to press, most recent posts from people that you follow will instantly appear at the top pf your feed. Although it is as of yet unknown exactly when these changes will be rolled out, the company has announced that these changes and more are on the horizon, and will be arriving very soon.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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