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Instagram Steps Up Their Game with Two New ‘Story’ Features

What did you just add to your Instagram Story? A selfie? A picture of that $27 rice bowl at a new restaurant? A photo of the shirt you just tried on and are still considering purchasing? Keep in mind, these images will all be gone in 24 hours!

Disappointed? Want these classic shots to live on indefinitely?

Well, now you are in luck! Instagram has just introduced two features that will allow you to either “archive” or “highlight” these photos. The former is for your own private saving, while the latter option will place the posts directly on your profile.

While the app has allowed account holders to manually download their Stories, “archiving” and “highlighting,” according to the company, are meant to “alleviate anxiety users have about losing their Stories.”


The company previously introduced Stories as a way to increase their usage – allowing accounts to share photos “in the moment.” Now, 300 million daily active users have labeled Instagram more popular than its competitor, Snapchat.

Instagram Product Lead Robby Stein said,

We really want to make sure that we can give you the best of both worlds where you can share, it goes away, and you feel good about that, but then you can also retain the value for yourself or your profile later on.

Now…go back to your Instagram… Post a picture or video to your story and be amazed with these two new features!

[via Mashable]

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